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Inside Out Theory: Transforming Relationships from Within

Family Relationships

Well you head to the office on a Monday morning. Yeah, you are kinda tired and have a lot on your plate today. You have been doing this job now for 6 years and well, you know, kinda feel a little burnt out.

But hey, overall you like your job and here you are. Your coworkers say good morning and you reply with a big smile and say good morning to you!  In fact, you crack a quick innocent joke and head to your office and mildly play some upbeat music. By lunchtime you head out with a few of your closer workmates and have an upbeat lunch laughing at some of the issues that come up on the job. You actually are kind of inspirational and people love it.

In fact your boss comes up to you and says you really help our culture and we need more upbeat people like you just so full of life!  You smile back and say thank you so much. Just being myself!  The work day comes to a close and you come home. You have bills, chores, and responsibilities to do at home also. When you get home your kids say hi!!  You calmly say high back. Kinda monotone. The kids energy just drops a little. But hey no issues.

Your wife or husband comes home just a few minutes after you and says, how was your day?  You say what?  I’m thinking right now and just need a few minutes to think. Is that ok?  The response is sure. The night proceeds and there is nothing really wrong but nothing is really right. Just a flat night on a Monday.

Many times we view ourselves as a vibrant, funny, optimistic person full of life because well, our social self is the proof of it. You just wish you had this vibrant life inside your heart. What happened? The fact is you are the vibrant, amazing person who somewhere along the line lost it with the people that truly matter. And well if they matter so much, then what’s going on? 

Rather than create an image of an amazing person , who is actually a fake self falling short at home, turn everything inside out!  Make the foundation, leadership, and amazing positive vibrancy the core of who you truly are with the people that truly matter first. When it’s real you can actually reach the heights and dreams you always wished for. Then when it’s real it will naturally just shine in all aspects of your life.

The next time you are feeling a little down and want to know what to do to turn it all around. TURN IT INSIDE OUT!

Life is short, make it happen!

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