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Services Offered By Dr. Camea Peca

Here`s a breakdown of the professional services I offer

My List of Services:

Trauma And Resilience Services

Trauma And Resilience Services

Dr. Peca specializes in Complex Trauma and working with clients who are neurodivergent and have experienced trauma.

We support people with cutting-edge neuroscience-based techniques, somatic techniques, and practical techniques to move out of the past and into the present.

Many of the clients we support have experienced anxiety, depression, OCD, insomnia, and relationship challenges.

Biofeedback, Neurofeedback

Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, EMDR-Based Techniques

Dr. Peca uses Heartmath, Unyte, and Mighter (for children) to help reduce stress, increase attention, focus, emotional stability, and positive states, and facilitate cognition.

This works well for trauma, ADHD, ADD, PTSD, Autistic spectrum, Anxiety, and Depression!

Dr. Peca also uses the Flash Technique (a form of EMDR) for flashbacks and nightmares.

Calming The Dragon

Calming The Dragon

Self Regulation Groups for Teens and Adults

This six-week program is designed to stop the stress response dead in its tracks and save the 0-60 reactions that often cause issues in relationships and life!

The Pre-recorded and Live Version

Please contact us to ask for the next start date and to register!

Executive Function Growth

Executive Function Growth

Frontal Lobe Stages

During this process you will learn about the role of executive function and why the system is going offline or why you may have received an executive function disorder diagnosis.

You will work to understand what is or has happened neurodevelopmentally to encourage or inhibit grow in plain simple English.

Do we have others working as our frontal lobe for us? 

What can you expect from Dr. Peca?
Dr. Camea Peca
I specialize in Complex Trauma. I also work with clients who are neurodivergent

Case Consultation

Case Consultation

Dr Peca offers support on an individual basis to discuss cases from a trauma informed lens and support professional development.

Expressive Arts & Embodiment

Expressive Arts and Embodiment Coaching

Dr Peca specializes in using all of the expressive arts including Art, Music,Dance/Movement, Drama/Theatre, Puppets, Play and Sandtray. All of the expressive arts provide an alternative to traditional talk therapy which may not help children and adults with trauma heal. She also uses narrative techniques as well as trauma timelines to support healing and growth.

She believes that in order to truly release trauma you have to get back into the body and release stored trauma/stress from the body. She uses embodiment to support clients in getting back into their sweet spot!

Supporting Families

Supporting Families

Parenting Growth

Working with expecting, 1st time, and experienced parents to understand attachment, diagnosis, interventions, learning and IEP’s

Support for all families through a range of life changes including, divorce, blending new and non-traditional families, and transitions (puberty (understanding and accepting non-binary gender choices), adulthood, loss). Dr Peca also specializes in post-partum changes and parent infant bonding.

Creating ways to regulate and be intentional when dealing with behaviors, and creating a safe space through predictability, routines, and schedules.

Building attachment while creating boundaries, predictability, safety, and security. 

Neurodivergent Exploration / Assessment

Neurodivergent Exploration / Assessment

As a late diagnosis neurodivergent woman, Dr Peca loves supporting other neurodivergent people in understanding their neurodivergency and being able to use their strengths to build their ideal lives. Often this means looking at what is not in alignment and using their skills to create a better fit in work, education, and relationships. Dr Peca believes that gifts can be used to thrive opposed to trying to fit into a neurotypical world or mask in a way that compromising self.

Dr Peca has worked with Autistic children and adults for over 20 years as well as other neurodivergent folk along the way and is a mother to neurodivergent children!

3 Pillars of Health

3 Pillars of Health

Dr Peca believes that the foundation of healing is based in sleep, nutrition, movement. She works with the client to be able to assess current functioning and to build real rituals and routine to improve health and wellness in all three realms. She used these pillars to aid her in her own growth journey and has been able to change the lives of clients using these as the starting point for growth. All of the plans will be customized to your individual needs and lifestyle and can include daily and weekly menus for nutrition and movement.

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