Got Questions?

Here are answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr Peca will be happy to have an informal 15-minute phone conversation to discuss your needs and is open to emails about services. Each service has individual pricing as well as discounts for packages. Discounts are also offered for Zoom and other Telehealth formats.

Intakes will need to be completed for each service to create a personalized plan. The fee for the initial intake is $175.

Dr. Peca does not currently take insurance. However, you are welcome to use your HSA/FSA accounts to pay via paypal. Credit card, check, and cash payments are also accepted. A sliding scale is assessed and offered on an individual basis.

She will work with budgets and provide discount for veterans and first responders as well.

We do not currently accept insurance but we do accept HSA/FSA cards and will be happy to create superbills. We also provide discounts for packages and discounts for telehealth sessions!

Traditional therapy focuses and diagnosis and what is wrong. It is based on treating pathology.

Growth Support Focuses on what it right and using a integrative approach to moving forward. This is all based in the brain-body connection and using this to rewire and grow which ultimately leads to less negative symptoms.

During the sessions, Dr Peca will work with you to address all aspects of your life including nutrition, sleep, movement/exercise, spirituality, and relationships. This will start with getting the body regulated in order to have full brain capacity to do all of the other work!