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A private practice, training and consulting service.

We serve individuals, couples, children and families, in their growth and healing journeys. Check out our Interview Commercial that Aired on TV 3/5 and see how it can change your life  🢂

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When working with Dr Peca, you will learn about your body and brain and how they can function together in a balanced way.

Francis Peca

When working with Coach Francis, you will learn to become Focused, Empowered, and Actionable with the right mindset.

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Hear what some of our clients say about their experience

Beth Biehn
June 6, 2021
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"I started working with Dr Peca during a challenging time in my life. I was working from home at the beginning of the covid pandemic. I am grateful I had her guidance and encouragement throughout the months we worked together. Her professionalism, skillset and compassion were apparent at every session. The encouraging messages outside of sessions kept me going during rough patches. She was always available for an extra session if necessary. I am grateful to have Dr Peca by my side and in my corner while I was working through old issues. Just as important were the large list of tools she provided me that I use daily to keep me grounded and thriving."
Social Worker
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"I’m so grateful to have received the wisdom and education from Dr. Peca that not only confirmed the ways I’ve always approached these cases but taught me so many more ways to be an effective instrument of change and healing for these kiddos."
Mother of N 2021
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"He said it’s like N is like a completely different kid. And his motivation has increased dramatically. He even mentioned his nonverbal communication being so much different 🙌🏼"
😉💗 "I forgot to tell you that when he returned to swim on monday (since last august) that his swim coach asked if he’s medicated. I said, “nope, he just has a great psychologist”
"You are an incredibly big inspiration to my journey, both professionally and personally. You are an intelligent, powerful and an amazing human. The way you speak with your hands, your excitement and passion is SO refreshing and inspiring. The way you treat your patients as human-to-human and truly use the power of connection in healing is just outstanding. I really have no words. I had been feeling very burnt out and overwhelmed at work lately with my caseload and your first session was exactly what I needed to remind me why I do what I do and how impactful we can be on our clients and the ones around us. I felt refreshed, emotional and a new found spark. (also finding out you work with youth is just amazing because I can't imagine the impact you have on them)."
"I can't explain my gratitude and appreciation for being able to learn under you. Thank you for leading the way in our changing world of mental health care and for doing it so confidently at that. Thank you, Dr., Camea Peca for being you, you are a massive inspiration to me, my work and practice and so many others. B-Trauma and Resilience Coaching Trainee/Clinician."
Tehmina Shakir
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"Hi I loved the conference on Adolescent sexual misconduct from a trauma lens. Dr. Peca has a wonderful teaching style that keeps one engaged. I look forward to other conferences from her."