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Interview With Patrick Thriving At 82 Plus More Marriage Fuel

Interview Podcast

In today’s podcast episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Cuebler, a client who has truly been an inspiration to me. Our conversation highlighted an essential principle I passionately advocate: the Inside Out Theory.

What Is The Inside Out Theory?

This theory emphasizes that we must prioritize being our best selves with the people who matter most—our families.

Too often, we expend our energy and vibrancy in the outside world, leaving our families with a diminished version of ourselves.

I challenge you to turn everything inside out. Make the foundation of your positivity, leadership, and vibrancy start at home with your spouse and children. When you are genuinely engaged and full of life at home, this authentic energy will naturally extend to all areas of your life. This approach not only strengthens your family bonds but also helps you reach the marriage of your dreams. Remember, the real measure of who you are is how you show up for the people who matter the most.

Interview Podcast

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