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“The BOX” – Why Do We Live In A Box of Rules?

Mind Box

Assuming you live in a house or apartment you kind of live in a box of some sort.  It has sides, a top (roof), and even a bottom (floor).  You are only home when you are inside. Being home can be comforting.  It’s your place!  As much as we may love being home there are times we may want to venture out to enjoy all that life provides.  A park, a walk, going to the zoo.  The possibilities are endless! That’s what makes it so special.  But what if you were forced to never leave your box or ahh… home?  Sound familiar this year?  You may feel trapped, claustrophobic, or stale.  We all want to get our freedom back to venture in and out at our own will.

So if we know that most of us that are capable of moving in and out of our home feel great when we have this freedom, why do we stay in our own “mind box” and never leave?

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Mind box, what do you mean?  I’m thinking about the rituals we create and way we think on a consistent basis.  The daily grind including weekends where we do the same thing over and over. It may be nice but what if we ventured out of the “box”?  Remember when we were young and would ask our friends “What do you want to do today?” It meant whatever our excited minds could come up with!  It was wonderful!  Sometimes the idea was exciting and fun, other times it was a flop.  But it didn’t mater because we were free to come up with an idea and actually try it.

I feel that as we become older we sometimes lose the ability to try something new.  We become conditioned that trying something new is kiddish or just not worth it.  But what if we gave it a try?  What if you asked your spouse and kids for example to have backyard nighttime treat picnic style and watch the stars?  It may sound goofy, uncomfortable, or just a waste of time.  But what if you actually tried it? It is just one of the endless ideas outside of the box that might just be the first step to getting your mind out of the box and into the heart

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