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Down to Dynamic – How To Create A Better Tomorrow Today


Why is it that so many of us (including me) allow ourselves to not be just that “ourselves’?

Why do we pretend like we like our job if we don’t?

Why do we do things that give us no pleasure and convince others that it is right?

Why do we take on daily acts that make our relationships, jobs, or basically anything worse when deep down we know it is not the right path?

Well, I can lie and say that I have all of the answers and reasons.

Life can be complicated, it involves responsibilities, learned behaviors, self-limiting beliefs, and of course a big one….fear!

I am sure there are many other reasons out there that never crossed my mind.

But one thing I do know, I know that when I am happy and highly productive there is one common theme I see in me every time.

It is when I decide to just be me.

When I am me my brain gets more creative, I find more solutions, I become funny, I feel empowered and happy!

Then after all that fun it somehow becomes time to go back to the standard followers guide to life.  Time to be in the average mode.

But what if we decided to truly be “ourselves” most or even all of the time?

We are so conditioned to say yeah that’s great but that’s not the real world.

The real world is what you decide will be real for you.  You can create a better tomorrow today with the start of being you.

I used to always say write down what makes you you on one page of the paper. Make it a couple of paragraphs or bullet points.  If it is truly you and it is what you want to be then take steps to be confident being you. You will always have critics but it’s the ones that stay true to themselves that are happy for the long haul!

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