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Cracking Covid – What Do We Do Now?

Corona Virus

Do you remember when you when you were little and had to leave for your very first day of school?

Your first day of work?

The first time you failed at something and everyone knew? 

Your first break up with your first love? 

These are just a few examples of times when we could have felt lost, like there was no way it would ever get better. 

How could I be happy in school when I was happy at home?

How could High School be good when 8th grade was the best year of my life?

How could I enjoy a career when I was enjoying all the time with my friends at school and …

How on earth could I ever meet another person that could make me jump for joy?

You feel that the rug has been lifted up from you and that there will never be a future that could every compete with the past. 

But then as time passes you may have found that the next step in your journey was actually better then the one you thought was irreplaceable. 

When one door closes another is waiting to be opened. But those doors sometimes open to challenges we never thought possible.

Early in “2020” one of these challenge doors opened when our world was hit with one of the most terrible experiences we every thought imaginable in our lives. 

Covid!  Due to covid, so many people have lost their lives, loved ones, job loss,

sickness, school or job stress, feeling stuck in your house etc…..

So as we take time to validate all of the pain and suffering that has taken place, what do we do now? 

The real answer is we have to make a choice. 

Do we wait until it all goes away to be free to pursue happiness or do we figure out a way to move into a better place NOW so that when times do improve we already have a couple of steps head start. 

NOW! One of the greatest ways to feel a little better right now is to think about what is right. 

Maybe we are a little closer to your children, spouse or friend.  Maybe you found a few different things to do inside that you would never have done.  The point is if we appreciate (even if tiny) the few things that we do have, then that can spread to a new way of thinking which may turn into a few new items to appreciate that didn’t come yet.

Start today

Put your Hand on your heart and name one thing that you are grateful for.


Before you get out of bed do the same thing but this time if you can grow your number (my wife does this every morning and does 5, that is her lucky number!)

If you can only come up with one that is okay, but if you can do more go for it!

See how your day changes, share them if you want with your partner or family!

If your doors had closed in the past and you are ready to open new doors to health, happiness and the best possible you contact us for a free 20 minutes introduction at or email directly at [email protected]/agrowing-space/

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