Dr Peca`s

Key Services


Human Brain

Self-regulation from the bottom up

Calming the Dragon Program

This is a stand alone program that is designed to target the body’s reaction to stress and trauma. Through this program you will increase impulsive control, balance, and calm. This program teaches skills to build body-based awareness which is the foundation for self-regulation. This program draws from evidenced based and researched interventions after assessment.

Supporting families

Parenting Growth

Pregnant Woman

Working with expecting, 1st time, and experienced parents to understand attachment, diagnosis, interventions, learning and IEP’s

Support for all families through a range of life changes including, divorce, blending new and non-traditional families, and transitions (puberty (understanding and accepting non-binary gender choices), adulthood, loss). Dr Peca also specializes in post-partum changes and parent infant bonding.

Creating ways to regulate and be intentional when dealing with behaviors, and creating a safe space through predictability, routines, and schedules.

Building attachment while creating boundaries, predictability, safety, and security.

Human Brain
Pregnant Woman

A Growing Space

Executive Function Growth
[Frontal Lobe Stages]

During this process you will learn about the role of executive function and why the system is going offline or why you may have received an executive function disorder diagnosis.

You will work to understand what is or has happened neurodevelopmentally to encourage or inhibit grow in plain simple English. Do we have others working as our frontal lobe for us?

What can you expect from Dr. Peca?

Case Consultation

Dr Peca offers support on an individual basis to discuss cases from a trauma informed lens and support professional development.