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Francis Peca

Francis Peca

Hey, I`m Francis! I am a certified life coach with a strong belief that success originates from being happy. I believe that being happy originates from being “YOU”. When you are true to yourself it really changes everything!

Why is it sometimes so difficult to save money?

There are so many reasons that can contribute to having an empty piggy bank.

Job loss, debt, health issue, addiction, low or no salary etc…

But today I’m thinking about the situations where you may be fortunate enough to save but somehow don’t!

How can you have, the ability to save, want to save, but somehow it just never happens?

There are a few reasons I see time and time again that seem to derail the ability to save.  1) A feeling that finances are too complicated so why try.  2) Not knowing where to start and 3) Not knowing what you are saving for.

Let’s start with the first one.  It’s just too complicated! 

The truth is with just some coaching “you” could easily have a plan that will help get you on your way to saving for that special something.

It could be for your kids, spouse, friends or “you”!

If you can add, subtract, divide, and multiply or have a calculator then you can get started on your path to savings!

Two, in order to get started you just need a plan.  The plan needs to be achievable, measurable and should be written down and have the task of tracking your results weekly.

If that sounds like just too much then hiring a Life Coach might be a great way to get you started and really be on your way to achieving your goals!

The third and most exciting opportunity is what do you want to save for?

Yes we have responsibilities and may first need to save for them, but are there small or even larger rewards that can be added to your plan that will keep it going and feel recharged every time that milestone and reward is reached?

Going from no plan to a successful plan may seem so far away but with the start of your own plan or the help of a Life Coach you may have just what you need to get things in motion! 

This all can be done in a way that is exciting and obtainable reaching “your” goals!

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