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The goal is not to simply work on some struggles and move your relationship up the ladder to an acceptable level.  We are here to work together to truly have a dynamic and amazing relationship.  Average is not good enough so get ready for a journey to get back to what it was in the beginning of your relationship and then blast much further from there!

Some of the most impactful learnings that can completely change things around stem from absorbing the message and not just understanding it.  Once you understand the great principles we absorb and live it consistently which is where the magic happens.  For example if you wanted to lose 50 pounds would it be more effective to fully implement the effective diet you have in your hand or wait for the new and exciting fad diet that will be marketed as the next best thing?  I think the answer is simple.. Take the effective diet but actually absorb it and do it!  There are principles that we know but don’t live it so the outcome is not desired.  The value of a complement, tone, respect, loyalty, protection and list goes on. 


Live it and see what happens!

Sign up for Down 2 Dynamic if you are looking for great and not just ok. We are going to work together to cover principles and focus on the accountability and excitement of what happens if both commit to actually doing it.  We will go into each session with a sense of excitement and energy focusing on why it matters and getting to a great place together!


Your relationship is worth it otherwise what is the point of going to relationship coaching?


There is no reason why we need to put a glass ceiling on how great your relationship can be.  So we will work together to get it there.  Getting to a great place starts with wanting to get to a great place.  With our program let’s get there together now and enjoy the process!

Francis Peca

Francis at 2BU Life Coaching

I am a certified life coach with a strong belief that success originates from being happy.  I believe that being happy originates from being “YOU”.  When you are true to yourself it really changes everything!  It may sound simple and it certainly can be, but why do so many of us lose this simple concept?  There are so many reasons and pressures that stray us away from achieving our goals quicker by just being “You”!  Inside EVERYONE of us is an amazing person just waiting to shine.  At 2BU coaching we will work together to help YOU obtain YOUR goals and actually enjoy the process of getting there.

The Journey To
Life Coaching

Before I was a life coach, I spent many years in various leadership positions.  Two roles that helped lead me to life coaching was a National trainer position I obtained for 7 years.  In this role I spent a good portion of the time teaching leadership along with countless life lessons I had shared with the class.  I consistently received feedback after each class on how much they had learned and the impact it had on their lives.  I knew that was what I wanted to do in my heart.  I later took on a role with another company which led to managing a Region successfully year after year.  I had a great job, worked for a great company, and worked with great people.  I knew though inside that life coaching was what I was meant to do.  Luckily, I finally pursued my dream which is to help others all while I am being me and helping you be successful being YOU!

"I am constantly attending regular training so I can support you in learning the latest tools and techniques! I just recently completed certifications in the specialty coaching areas of REBT Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and CBT coaching. I`m also working towards my certification as an NLP practitioner.

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Certified ProfessionalCoach
Certified ProfessionalCoach

What makes me, “Me”!

We are all unique in our own way, and I am no different here!  When I was young I tried to fit in and be like everyone else just like most kids do.  Over time, I realized that the best times were when I was just free to be myself.  That was when I was really happy.  I was always happier having a few close friends rather then a bunch of friends that I was not as close to. I always enjoyed putting more energy into the people that I really cared about.  Today my #1 joy and priority are my family.  Not because it sounds good but because I truly live and mean it.  I am happily married to my wonderful wife where we share a business together. I have three amazing children that are filled with humor, feelings and optimism.  As a family, we enjoy being creative coming up with fun things to do which may include my daughter conducting a family dance workout or a nighttime backyard picnic. Like any family we have challenges that come up which can be very tough, but we work through them and focus on the next exciting thing we can wrap our arms around to get us in a great place.

One of my specialties is couples coaching. My signature one on one program will hold both accountable to get your relationship back to a great place then launch it to greater heights. If both want it to succeed then we will all work together to get it right and get excited again!  We will work to make your relationship win!

I am a certified life coach along with my emotional intelligence certification always looking for ways to massively improve myself and others lives’.  I recently obtained my Trauma specialist certification as well.

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Francis Peca

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